Background Information

The Developer

  • Glenville Energy Park, LLC (GEP) is a development company formed to pursue this venture.

  • GEP has hired a team of consultants to aid in preparing the final application for the Project and to navigate the Article X process.  EarthTech has been hired as the principal environmental consultant.

The Project

  • GEP proposes to construct a 520 megawatt (MW) combined-cycle power generation facility using state-of-the-art technology to transform natural gas into electricity.  The power will be sold into New York's electric grid under the state's newly-formed competitive electric market.

  • The two cycles in a combined-cycle plant are:
  1. The combustion of natural gas in a combustion turbine, which powers a generator and provides heat to the second cycle.
  2. The second cycle uses the heat to generate steam that in turn powers a second turbine and generator.

  • Electric energy from facilities of this type is typically generated at about twice the efficiency of steam-electric (boilers) power plants.  In generating twice the power for the same amount of fuel burned, combined cycle plants offer a good deal of environmental benefits.

  • The plant will employ state-of-the-art emissions control technology, making it one of the cleanest such power plants in the world.

The Site

  • The proposed site for this project is in the Scotia-Glenville Industrial Park in Schenectady County.  The project site is paralleled by NYS Route 5 to the south, borders a railroad spur to the north and is flanked by factory buildings and warehouses to the east and west.  The southern boundary of the site is situated roughly 1,500 feet northeast of the main channel of the Mohawk River.  The site is traversed by Niagara Mohawk overhead electric transmission lines and a Niagara Mohawk natural gas pipeline.

The most prominent structures associated with the Project will be the generation building, the exhaust stacks and the cooling towers.  Visual impact from the road will be minimized through the use of natural materials (such as landscaped berms and vegetation).

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