Benefits of the GEP Project

Glenville Energy Park expects to become an important corporate citizen in the Schenectady County and Glenville community.  In addition to the various economic opportunities the facility will provide the host community, GEP is committed to working to create stronger communities, better schools and improving the quality-of-life of area residents.

Revenue Enhancements

  • It is anticipated that GEP will provide significant revenue enhancements (through taxes and/or PILOT payments) to the Town of Glenville, Schenectady County and the Scotia-Glenville School District.  Electric generating equipment is taxed as real property under New York law.  No other potential tenants in the park would pay this tax.  Any tax or PILOT payments made on this equipment could not be expected from any other tenant.  Early estimates suggest an estimated seven-figure annual payment once the project is operating.

  • Under a new state program (the Empire Zones Program), GEP may well be in a position to pay 100% of its real property taxes and have them refunded.  This type of agreement will help ensure that GEP will be able to become and remain a competitive energy provider.

  • GEP anticipates purchasing water from the City of Schenectady.  Again, actual rate negotiations have not been completed but it is anticipated that GEP could become one of the City's largest water customers.  Similarly, GEP will use the Village's and City's sewer system for its wastewater disposal and will pay for that service.


  • GEP estimates having 25-28 locally-hired full-time jobs on site once the plant is fully operational.  These will be well-paid technical jobs, estimated to bring significant resources to the area's economy.

  • Up to 150 people will be employed during the two year construction phase of the project.  These construction jobs are expected to bring additional economic benefits to the area's economy.  In addition, regularly scheduled maintenance will bring a significant number temporary jobs to the area.


  • By extending natural gas pipelines to the site, GEP will be enhancing Schenectady County's natural gas reliability and capability for the future.  Area businesses and residents could well benefit from this enhanced source of supply - with potential increases in both volume and pressure -- and eventual lowering of prices.

  • The proposed GEP site is vacant and undevelopable due, in part, to power lines bisecting the parcel.  GEP proposes to move those power lines and turn this unproductive piece of land into the Town's largest taxpayer.

  • GEP's infrastructure investments will result in emergency connections for the Town of Glenville and Village of Scotia to the Schenectady water supply system.

  • Having a power plant located in Schenectady County is likely to enhance the region's power reliability.  While GEP sells power into the grid, Schenectady County businesses and residences will be closest to the cheapest and one of the most reliable power sources in New York.

  • Future businesses moving into the Scotia-Glenville Industrial Park will benefit from GEP's investment in extending additional power lines, and water and sewer capacity to the Industrial Park.  This could serve as an extra economic incentive to other businesses to locate in the area.

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